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Three, two, one and lift off! Send your childrens party entertainment into the stratosphere with our Spaceman childrens themed party entertainment. Our childrens entertainers London will touch down fully equipped to fly your party high and create an astronomical day for all. It’s kids party entertainment that’s out of this world. The Spaceman party themed chidlrens entertainment will take your party guests on an intergalactic adventure. Launch into action and enter sudden stasis in musical statues, pass the parcel round the globe and see if you can win a prize, dive and swoop to collect as many planets as you can. It’s a party that’s out of this world from the best kids entertainers in London. This is the perfect space adventure for up to thirty budding astronauts and is great for both boys and girls.

Our Spaceman childrens themed party entertainment can launch the fun into action for one, two or three hours to suit your party. The activities played in our Spaceman childrens themed party entertainment will vary depending on the length of time book. Our Spaceman childrens themed party entertainment can moonwalk to any Central London or Greater London location. If our Spaceman childrens themed party entertainment is flying to a venue outside the M25 there will be a charge of 40p per mile from and back to the M25.

Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
1 Hour £80 £80 £160
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
2 Hour £80 £110 £190
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 Hour £80 £190 £270

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Deposit Required

1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour

21 reviews for Spaceman Party

  1. 5
    Bree Knight

    James did a fantastic job of keeping 15 boistrous 5 year olds thoroughly entertained. They all loved the party and we’ve had quite a few comments from the children stating it was the “best party ever”. Thank you!

  2. 5
    Sam Hobbs

    I really didn’t expect Dylan’s party to be as amazing as it was! The entertainer was so engaging and had the children spellbound with his infectious energy. Tony was early and set up with no fuss, the booking process was quick and easy with Claire being unhand for me to check last minute details with. I am really happy that I found Brilliant Birthdays and will be returning again next year!

  3. 5
    Lucy Holm

    We had a Spaceman themed party for our son’s 5th birthday. Our entertainer did a fantastic job entertaining 30 kids for 2 hours! He was full of energy! Even the adults enjoyed and joined in. Thank you Brilliant Birthdays will definitely book you again!

  4. 5
    Amy Bowers

    I wanted to say a Massive Thank You for Dylans Party the kids had a blast and I really didn’t expect it to be so wonderful! I would recommend you guys and award you 5 Stars Great Job Thank You!

  5. 5
    Tim Swaybury

    Amazing, Brilliant, Punctual, Fun………10/10 great job!

  6. 5
    Gemma Smith

    We booked a Super Spaceman Party from Brilliant Birthdays! Adrian was fantastic and was very flexible as we were late in preparing the food! So he was happy to continue entertaining the kids making the food break a little later! All in all a really fantastic party and the kids had a wonderful time. Thank You Brilliant Birthdays .

  7. 5
    Neveda White

    We booked a SUPER SPACEMAN for our son’s 5th Birthday Party. He was just fantastic with the kids and was very professional I would definately book these guys again next year!

  8. 5
    Shirley Samuels

    Our Spaceman entertainer captured everyones attention from the very first minute and kept them spellbound for the whole party. I couldn’t recommend Brilliant Birthdays more! THANK YOU!

  9. 5
    Debra Peters

    We booked space themed party and it was smashing! Entertainer was fantastic. He did a lot of games and activities and managed to engage all the little ones. It was lovely to watch them! Many Thanks!

  10. 5
    Tracey Turner

    Thank you so much for the amazing party last weekend! This is the best company in London for children’s entertainment ! I am so glad I found you!

  11. 5
    Silvia Presedo

    Very unique party by Brilliant Birthdays. a big thank you to Brendan.. he was brilliant in keeping it little guests entertained. Thank you for making my little ones fifth birthday such a memorable one, cheers!!

  12. 5
    Renè Nordnes

    Brendan was amazing with children. Everyone has great fun! Thank you so much for sending us such a great entertainer!

  13. 5
    Anna Millin

    You did a great job of keeping the children entertained at my son’s first birthday party. There were 15 children aged 2-10 years old, but the children entertainer kept everyone involved. Even the adults gathered round to watch. Thank you!

  14. 5
    Lathasa Balendran

    Vlad did such a great job entertaining 30 kids at our daughters space themed 6th birthday! He kept them engaged the whole time and made sure everything ran smoothly and to time. Parents were so impressed and the kids all said they had an awesome time! Thanks again Vlad the spaceman!

  15. 5
    Jane Frankum

    It was fantastic. The kids were completely occupied the whole birthday party. The parents also joined in too for a few games !! Adrian is very kind and nice and was very efficient! All the parents were happy with him!

  16. 5
    Tracey Skeffington

    Spaceman was absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended!

  17. 5
    Nicole Jayne

    Space Entertainer was absolutely fantastic with children! Easily the best Entertainer I have watched. The party couldn’t have gone better! Thank you!

  18. 5
    Rodger Phillips

    Our space entertainer was out of this WORLD! couldn’t have asked for more really. The kids where absorbed in every element of the entertainment! Thank you so much Brilliant Birthdays Team!!

  19. Natasha Hughes

    Our Spaceman was so excellent with keeping 25 rowdy 8 year olds entertained and happy! He was exactly what we’d hoped for and we’d happily have him back again for next years party!

  20. Shuaini Zhang

    I am so glad I booked Adrian, our spaceman,
    through Brilliant Birthdays for my baby boy’s 1st birthday! He is professional, energetic, full of games and very collaborative to get everyone in place for our day schedule. We had around 20 kids between 1-5 and he managed to get every little one engaged! The party would look flat and feel dry without him! In fact, a few moms also came to me and shared their compliments.

    Also to mention that the booking process was very pleasant, too. The girl I spoke to was bubbly and very friendly to speak to.

    I would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone who wants a spark for their parties and I will definitely be looking at rebooking in the future.

  21. Lidija D

    Once again, Adrian provided the best entertainment to the party of 4-5 year olds… Adrian is so tuned in with the flow of the party, adjusting activities to make sure that party runs smoothly and efficiently, hence making adults life easier. We love Adrian and asked for him again this year, wouldn’t organise such a big party without him, he’s an absolute gem (actual comment from guest parents). This time was the Moon party, and Adrian and birthday girl looked amazing in their matching space suits!

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