Client’s Frequently Asked Questions

******Corona Virus Questions Answered *******
What should I do if I don’t want to have my party anymore due to Corona Virus? 
Please put this into an email immediately to we regret that we cannot take telephone calls as notification of cancelation.
Can I postpone my party? 
Usually deposit payments are non refundable and non exchangeable however in the current situation Claire the Director has decided to offer all clients the option to Postpone the event or party to a later date. A Unique  Code will be issued to each client that will be valid for up to 2 years from the date of issue.
How much notice do I need to give? 
Please give Brilliant Birthdays as much notice as possible that you would like to cancel or postpone your event via email.
How do I rebook my party? 
When you are ready to rebook just email the office with your Voucher Code and new party details (Dates are subject to availability)
How Long Do I have to do this? 
2 Years from the Code issue date
Can I just cancel my party/event ? 
Of course however your deposit would be non refundable/non exchangeable
What happens if I or a family member gets sick on the morning or day of the event ? 
Please email the office IMMEDIATELY to formally cancel your event. Im afraid Text/Phone Calls can not be accepted as formal cancellation.
What typically happens during a 1 hour Brilliant Birthdays Party?
Your Entertainer will provide an action packed hour of games in character! This will be a combination of interactive dancing games and challenges such as limbo competitions and bubble popping contests! The games and style can change dependant on theme. If you enquire after a particular character you will be sent a party plan for your chosen theme via email and this will contain a full break down of the event!
What typically happens during a 2 hour Brilliant Birthdays Party?
The first hour will -again- be an action packed hour of games and then for only £30.00 more your Entertainer will stay for an extra hour! Dependant on your chosen theme your Entertainer will do either Glitter Tattoo’s/basic face painting/balloon hats whilst the children have a break for the Birthday Tea. After this your Entertainer will do more games and activities with the final half hour of the party!


Will one or two entertainers attend?
For a group of up-to 30 children only 1 Entertainer is required however if your number exceeds 30 you will need to hire a second Entertainer to maintain the quality of your party and to provide the extra Equipment! The cost is worked out per Entertainer so If you require 2 entertainers the costs will be doubled!

Is Face Painting included in the party?
Face-painting as a service is something we quote for separately from the themed games and activities!
The following 2 hour themes however do Involve a very basic Face Painting design during the break for the Birthday Tea, Cops and Robbers Party, Greatest Showman Party, Jungle Ranger Party & Dragon Party.

Do we provide Bouncy Castles?
Unfortunately this isn’t a service we offer and as such we also can’t give you recommendable Bouncy Castle Providers!

Do we provide magic?
We wish we could pull a bunny from a hat but our Entertainers are not Trained in magic! (The best we can do is a Bunny Themed party!)

Do Brilliant Birthdays reserve places before a deposit?
We can make a note of your booking and try to follow up with you but the only way to secure your booking in full is by paying the Deposit!

Do Brilliant Birthdays Offer Discounts?
We wish we could but unfortunately all our prices are fixed! If Themed Entertainment is a little outside your budget we do have the Option of a ’No Theme No Problem’ which is £30.00 less on the Deposit! This means your Entertainer will still bring all the fun but wearing our Brilliant Birthdays Uniform!

Can I book a party for 1.5 hours?
Our pricing structures are per hour so If you wanted to have your entertainer for an hour and a half you would have to Pay for the full 2 hours!

Do characters that typically appeal to a certain gender work for a mixed group?
Yes! For example If you want to hire a Princess Entertainer but are worried this theme won’t appeal to the boys then we can reassure you that all our Entertainers are trained to engage everyone who is there! In our experience the boys have just as positive reactions to the princesses as the girls do!

Do the games work for toddlers and babies?
Our parties are adaptable to suit almost any age! Our dancing games and activities are very sensory and involve fun props which means even guests below 2 years can still easily get involved with them! The entertainers are very adaptive and know how to manage a variety of age groups.
We also offer a Baby Sensory Party Package for the pre-toddler stages!

Which themes include a balloon model for the children to take home?
Dinosaur Party. Alice and Wonderland Party. Dragon Party. Star Force Party.

What extras are provided that the children can take home?
The children will receive a Bright Blue Branded Balloon each to take home and a Brilliant Birthdays WINNER sticker (Everyone is a winner at a BB Party!)

Can I request either a Male or Female Entertainer?
Yes, we will try and acknowledge all requests that are possible but at times this will depend upon our availability!

Can I have a Brilliant Birthday at home?
If you do choose to have your party at home in the Living room or Garden then this is not a problem! Our Entertainers have had lots of experience with adapting the games slightly to suit a smaller area. Just be mindful that if you are using a small living room that the Parachute Game may not be suitable as this requires space to spread out in a circle!

Can I speak to my entertainer before the party?
Absolutely! The Thursday before an event we schedule a call from your Entertainer, which will hopefully be made before 1PM. This will be your opportunity to have a chat and ask any last minute questions to your Entertainer!

What happens if we have over 30 children on the day?
We ask that for 1 Entertainer a maximum of 30 children are to attend your party, however we do understand that sometimes few unaccounted extra’s can appear! In this event of this we ask that as a curtsy to your entertainer that £5.00 be charged per child over the 30 mark to account for the extra work required!

How long does my entertainer need to set up?
Your entertainer is contracted to arrive at least 30 minutes before the party start time to ensure they are fully ready! During this half hour prep your Entertainer will construct a balloon for each child to take home, get into costume put on their headset and set up all their props on the table ready for the party!

What happens if my Entertainer gets sick?
We have full Entertainer replacement cover! We’ve never had to cancel a Party due to Entertainer Illness.

What happens if my child gets sick?
Written notice and a minimum of 36 hours are required for event cancellation. Cancellations made after this time will be subject to the full fee. We regret that all deposits are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you wish to cancel a party, notice must be given in writing via email and you must have received an email acknowledgement of your cancellation back . Please note we cannot accept messages left on voicemail as notification. If for any reason a party has to be cancelled on the day of the party, notice must be given before the entertainer has commenced travel to the party destination. If for any reason you have to cancel and don’t give notice before the entertainer has commenced travel, you are required to cover the entertainer’s travel costs in full plus the full party balance. If for any reason we have to cancel a party due to extreme weather conditions then your deposit would be fully refundable.

Will my character look the same as the images on your site?
The costumes and characters will be as advertised on the website however the entertainer themselves may vary!

Will my entertainer bring Bubbles?
Probably! Bubble catching competitions are a feature of most of our parties! But please check the Party Plan sent to you upon confirmation.

How long does my entertainer need to pack down?
15 – 30 Minutes

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes! Documentation to this effect can be provided upon request.

Do you have a PRS Licence?
Yes! We play all sorts of music and have a full Licence in order to do this.

Are you members of Equity?

How do I get my free Invitations?
These will be sent as an email attachment once the theme of your party is decided. These can be downloaded and printed or sent as an E-invitation!

What products are used for the Glitter Tattoos?
The Glitter Gel is a gentle water based skin friendly Gel which washes off very easily with water and soap! The Glitter is high quality Eco Glitter and kind to the enviroment

Are the Glitter Tattoos Easily removed?
Yes! The tattoo’s wash off very easily with Soap and Water!

Is the Glitter Biodegradeable?
yes the Glitter is Eco Friendly

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions ?
Brilliant Birthdays Terms and Conditions

How far do you travel?
As a company we are London-based however we do provide Entertainment almost anywhere outside of the M25! The only thing that has to be taken in to consideration is that parties outside the M25 will be quoted on a case by case basis however most attract a minimum £55 surcharge to cover the extra time the Entertainer spends traveling and also the cost of traveling further.

Will the parties be suitable for party guests with disabilities?
Yes! Our Entertainers are creative and our games are adaptable so whatever the disability the Entertainer will do there best to involve everyone who is there! One thing to be mindful of is If the disability comes with challenging behaviour then its good to be on hand if the Entertainer needs some assistance!

Does the entertainer come with his/her own music?
Yes, your entertainer will provide a portable Sound System, A device with loaded Themed music and a Microphone.

Can I plug in my own Music?
If your music is loaded onto a device that can connect via an Aux Cable then your Entertainer would be happy to incorporate this!

Can I request certain songs?
You can request a song and if your Entertainer has this on their Device they will make sure to play it! However if they don’t have your chosen song you will have to provide this on a compatible device!

Will the entertainer have a Microphone?
Yes your entertainer will have a professional Microphone Head-Set!

How do I book?
If you submit a check availability form via the website with all the details of your event; one of our Party Planners will get back to you shortly via email to organise the next steps! If we are available we will send the Quote, Detailed Party Plans for your chosen theme and Invitations! On this email you will also be sent details of the various payment methods. Once you pay the deposit the party is then booked and you will be sent an email confirmation!

Is there a food break during the party?
For 1 hour parties there is no break, but for the 2 hour options you will have a break of around 25 minutes and whilst the children have the Birthday Tea and your entertainer will do Glitter Tattoos/Basic Face Painting/Balloon Hats (Depending on the theme booked). After this time the rest of the games will resume.

Do you supply party bags?
Unfortunately this is not an extra we provide!

Where do you find your entertainers?
Our Entertainers have all largely heard about ‘Brilliant Birthdays’ through having a performance background and applied through personal and professional referral as well as Acting Agencies!

Are there extra fees (eg VAT)?
No VAT added – all the costs will be charged as they appear on the quote and as advertised on the website! The only extra charges you may receive are possible travel costs for Events.

What happens if the entertainer doesn’t arrive?
We have never had this happen as all our Entertainers Aim to be at the Job Location in good advance of the party! However if they are running late or are experiencing difficulties getting to you they will contact you as soon as able! If your Entertainer didn’t arrive for whatever reason you would be eligible for a full refund!

How much space does the entertainer need?
The entertainer will need enough space for your guests to be able to comfortably dance and get involved with games such as ‘Limbo!’. They will also need enough room for a table in which to put their kit on.

Can I change my theme after booking?
Yes! If our availability allows for the change and if it is made with good advance then it is possible, however it will incur a £25.00 charge.

Can I have a Face Painter for just 1Hr?
If you are booking for below 15 guests then 1 hour slot would be doable. If you are booking for any number over 15 children you will need to book 1.5 hours.

Can you recommend some themes good for both Boys and Girls?
All our themes work for both boys and girls! But our more neutral themes are –
White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland, Clumsy Clown, Dinosaur, Dragon, Spaceman/women, Pirate, Jungle Ranger and all our Super heroes!

Do you do Christenings?

Do you do Weddings?

Do you provide DJ’s?
We don’t formally provide DJ’s as our Entertainers for the time they are there provide and chose the music!

Can you bring a back drop?
We don’t provide a backdrop however you are very welcome to provide your own!

Do you provide food?
No, the only edible thing we provide is Haribo Prizes!

Do you have any references from previous parties?
For references we have over 300 x 5 star reviews from Google+ which you can look at and we also have 100 percent ratings on Facebook and Net-mums!

Will I need to pay a deposit for the party?
Yes! The deposit cost will vary dependant on the Theme/Service and all our deposit prices are listed clearly on Theme/Service you click on!

What happens if I decide to cancel my party after I have paid the deposit?
Unfortunately our deposits are non refundable! If you cancel the party less than 36 hours before an event you will have to pay the full balance to the Entertainer who has been booked for your event!

How far in advance should I book my party?
To avoid disappointment it is always good to book at least a month before the event as sometimes we can become full booked well in advance during busier periods! However we do take last minute bookings up to 5pm the day/Friday before the event!

Should I book the entertainment or the venue first?
It is always best to secure a Venue first! When you book with Brilliant Birthdays you are booking a particular slot and if the venue can’t honour this arranged date/time you may have to cancel or pay £25.00 admin charge to change your booking!

Why should I choose Brilliant Birthdays to organise our event?
With over 300 5* reviews and over 80 Themes to choose from what more could you want! We are the only 5 star Children’s Entertainment company in London so for reliability we are on top form in providing the service as promised! We also post pictures from our Events weekly so you have an up-to-date view of what you are booking when you hire a specific character! You also have the reassurance of having a party lead by experienced Professionals as many of our Entertainers have been working for Brilliant Birthdays for an average of 4 years! So we can assure you are in good hands when you book with us

What should I look for when booking a venue?
A good space for dancing and playing games.
A room available for the Entertainer to change in.
Access to power/plug sockets.
Somewhere that can provide a table for the Entertainer to put their props on.
– Be mindful also that when hiring a space with a very high ceiling (such as a church) that the speakers’ projection may not be as effective!

Where shall I host my party?
It depends on how many guests and what space you can provide! The most popular option is a hired Hall, however If your budget allows only for at at-home party; this is not a problem we host lots of parties in living rooms and gardens. It always best to invite guests according to the space as the children will need enough room to dance in!

How long will I need to book the venue for?
You will need to allow half an hour either side of the booking so that the entertainer can set up and pack down!

Can you entertain in my home?I have lots of adults staying at the party. Will this be okay?
We are more than happy to provide entertainment at your home and for the adult guests to join in. Please however be mindful that our parties are very active and geared towards dancing games so everyone will need enough room to dance in and play games such as ‘Limbo’.

Will my Brilliant Birthdays entertainer arrive before the party start time?
Yes! Your Entertainer is always scheduled to arrive at least half an hour before the party start time!

Will my child be made to feel special at their party?
Entertainers always do their best to be creative and bring special attention to the birthday child were possible! The birthday child always gets the chance to go in the centre of the parachute, and if you opt for the 2 hour party package your child will win the centre Prize!

Do you entertain only at weekends?
We provide Entertainment for events the run on weekdays as well as weekends!

What time can I have my party entertainment?
The time is up to you but it is always best to have the party running next to a time where children would normally break for lunch or dinner as the children will be hungry after all the dancing around!

Will the entertainer need parking?
It is always good to provide the option of parking! However this is not always crucial as 90% of our Entertainers do not drive and travel on public transport.

We are thinking of hiring a bouncy castle. Would you recommend this?
In our experience we find it is best to give this one a miss as the children will be more engaged with the fun and games without the noise and competition of the Bouncy Castle!
(Of course, If you do decide you want to hire one, our entertainers will still do a fabulous job and put their best efforts forward to win over the focus of the children!)

How many children can I invite?
We can accommodate very large groups but the more children you invite the more Entertainers we will have to provide. If your number remains below 30 you will only require 1 Entertainer however if the number of children is 30 – 50 then you will need 2 Entertainers!