Bunny Party



Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
1 Hour £110 £80 £190 Inclusive of VAT
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
>2 Hour £120 £110 £230 Inclusive of VAT
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 Hour £120 £190 £310 Inclusive of VAT

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Bunny Party 

Can’t separate your little one from their favourite teddy bear? ..Why not have all the children bring there favourite cuddly toy to a wonderful Bunny party! A very popular party option for the younger children!

Here is our price list for a 1, 2 or 3 hour Bunny Party:

1 hour = £180.00   

2 hours = £210.00     

3 hours = £310.00  

Full Party Plans and details are available upon request so please do get in contact here.

1 – hour of cute and cuddly bunny fun includes: 

*Pom-pom Hop-along Dancing

*Limbo Bunny Challenge

*Sleeping Bunnies zzzz

*Enchanting Bubble Fun 

*Colourful Scarf Dancing 

*Follow The Bunny Leader

*Magical Parachute Games

Two hours of cute and cuddly bunny fun (for only an extra £40.00) will also include: 

✨Glitter Tattoos for each party guest! (🍃Our Glitter is Eco-friendly & Biodegradable and we use non-toxic water-based child-safe glue) This will take place during the Birthday Tea.

🌈Crafty Colouring Contest! Colour in the Brilliant Birthdays party scene…The most colourful design will be rewarded a BB WINNER sticker!

🎉Plus EXTRA Games & Dancing!!

Lastly, for 3 – hours of cute and cuddly bunny fun we also throw in:

🎨A Mini Face Paint applied onto the cheek! (🍃We use non-toxic water based Face Paint that is easily removed after the party) This will take place during the last hour of the party. While the party guests are nibbling on Birthday cake, your Bunny Party Entertainer will hop around engaging with each party guest individually and decorate their cheek with a bunny themed mini face paint. This takes approximately 2-3 mins per child.

Our Brilliant Birthdays Bunny Entertainer provides a cute, fun and magical experience engaging children right from start to finish!

But that’s not all –  our 1, 2 & 3hr Parties also Include:

*A Bright Blue Balloon For each child to take home because no one leaves a Brilliant Birthday empty handed! (🍃Our balloons are made out of 100% biodegradable qua-latex and come on eco biodegradable paper raffia) 

*Happy Birthday Singalong with the cake! Lights out and loud singing voices for the special moment! Your Bunny entertainer creates a wonderful atmosphere for the big moment when the cake comes out! Your Bunny entertainer is happy to pose for photographs while everyone is gathered together. (Cake provided by yourself) 

*Themed Party Music! Your Bunny Entertainer comes fully equipped with everything they need to deliver a Brilliant Birthdays party plan. They will even bring along a small portable sound system and a professional headset microphone to ensure all the party guests can hear them and the music loud and clear through out the party!

*Bunny Prizes! Your Bunny entertainer will award an awesome Brilliant Birthdays sticker to each child through out the fun and games. Therefore every single party guest gets to feel special and impress the Bunny entertainer!

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