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    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    1 Hour£80£80£160
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    2 Hour£80£110£190
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    3 Hour£80£190£270

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    Vampire Party

    A Vampire Party is spooktacular way to celebrate your birthday if your birthday falls on the spookiest month of the year – October! Or perhaps you want to throw an unforgettable Halloween party for your friends and family, then take a look at what’s in store when you book a Vampire party…

    How long would you like the spooky fun and games to last? We offer 1, 2, or 3 hours of Vampire Party entertainment at the following unbeatable prices:

    1 hour = £160.00 (No VAT to pay)

    2 hours = £190.00 (No VAT to pay)

    3 hours = £270.00 (No VAT to pay)

    Full Party Plans and details are available upon request so please do get in contact here.

    When you book a 1-HOUR Vampire Party, here is some of the upbeat spooky fun you can expect:

    *Eyeball Collecting ice breaker challenge

    *Time Warp Pom-pom Dance Along

    * Vampire Limbo Competition

    * Monster Mash Scarf Dance Along

    *Atmospheric Bubble Fun

    *Horror Musical Statues

    *Follow The Vampire Leader

    *Parachute Games

    Or perhaps you don’t want the fun to end there..For only an extra £30.00 take a look at what is included in a 2-HOUR Vampire Party:

    🎉All of the above PLUS…

    ✨Glitter Tattoos for each party guest! (🍃Our Glitter is Eco-friendly & Biodegradable and we use non-toxic water-based child-safe glue) Your Entertainer will engage with each party guest individually during the Birthday Tea and decorate them with a beautiful glitter tattoo.

    🌈A Crafty Colouring Contest!

    Colour in the unique Brilliant Birthdays Party Scene…The most Colourful design receives a BB WINNER sticker! A Lovely moment after the birthday tea to allow the children’s food to go down before jumping back into games and dancing!

    But perhaps you would like to book a 3-HOUR Vampire Party where the additional hour is dedicated to providing each child with:

    🎨A Mini spooky Themed Face Paint applied onto the cheek!

    (🍃We use non-toxic Water based Face Paint that is easily removed after the party)

    During the last hour of the party while the party guests indulge in some delicious birthday cake your Entertainer will magically transform each party guest with a colourful mini face paint to wear for the rest of the party.

    Our professional party entertainers are very experienced and turn up at each party or event full of energy and fun! When you book a 3hr party, you as the parents get to enjoy taking in the special occasion and your  Entertainer will keep the party guests engaged right from the very start to the very end!

    All our 1, 2 and 3 hour party plans include the following extra special touches which make a Brilliant Birthday run smoothly and successfully:

    🎵 Themed Party Music!

    Your Entertainer comes equipped with a sound system and a headset microphone so that the themed music and the entertainers voice can be heard loud and clear throughout the party. All we ask you to provide is a table for our entertainer to lay out their equipment, access to a plug socket and a suitable room to get changed in and out of costume.

    🏆 Sticker Prizes!

    We bring our very own unique Brilliant Birthday stickers which are awarded to party guests through the games and competitions. Every party guest will have the opportunity to win a sticker!

    📸  Photo shoot!

    Your entertainers will be happy to pose for photos with the party guests so that you can remember the special day forever!

    A Brilliant Birthdays Balloon!

    For each child to take home because no one leaves a Brilliant Birthday empty handed.

    So if you are ready to start your booking please CLICK HERE and follow the simple steps!

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    1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour

    8 reviews for Vampire Party

    1. 5
      Niru Daran

      Gary was amazing, he came early to set up and had everything in place just on time. He was very flexible and accommodating, catering for the children’s varying needs to ensure everyone was safe and had a good time. He entertained the children so well they did not want the event to finish. He was fun, engaging, enthusiastic and knew what he was doing, he managed to involve the parents too and everyone had an amazing time. I would definitely like to have Gary back and would not hesitate for him to do more of my children’s parties, he was a wonderful addition to the evening…so much so I would say he was the star of our Halloween party and everybody loved him. Thanks Gary, you made a wonderful Vampire and lead a very memorable and joyous evening.

    2. 5
      Maya K.

      Our lovely Vampire came to our house and kept an active group of 4-9 year olds thouroughly entertained for an hour! His act was funny enough to keep the adults laughing and simultaneously keep all of the children engaged. I’d definitely call Brilliant Birthday again next Halloween!

    3. 5
      Susan Berman

      What a great experience! We first booked with Brilliant Birthdays recommended by a friend. Vampire Party was awesome. The kids all had a blast. Many Thanks!

    4. 5
      Julia Borey

      We had a Vampires themed party for our 11 year old! Entertainer looked brilliant in his costume. Kids had a blast! Thank you!

    5. 5
      Natali Nikolova

      The children had a great time, Vampire entertainer was absolutely brilliant. He was very patient with all the kids and he kept them entertained throughout the 2 hours he was there. I can highly recommend Brilliant Birthdays!

    6. 5
      Nicole Brittany

      Hired Vampire from brilliant birthdays entertainment for our Hallooween party last weekend, our entertainer was amazing, he kept all the kids attention for the full 2 hrs and had them dancing and laughing from start to finish, highly recommend, thanks a million!

    7. 5
      Jessica Breadon

      The children loved friendly Vampire and they were so happy and animated… A joy to see! Thank you very much!

    8. Juliette B

      Our vampire party was absolutely amazing!! The children had the best time possible dancing and playing games! Myself and my husband where so relieved to not have to worry about anything during the party – the entertainer handled everything like a pro!

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