The Amber Witch Party


Hubble, bubble toil and trouble! It’s the Amber Witch Party childrens themed entertainment. Have our childrens entertainers London bring the thrill to your party with Amber the Witch childrens party entertainment. Dance round the cauldron, swoop in the sky on your broom, and cackle like a witch. Got some funky witchey dance moves?

Three, two one, if your super quick you get to pick a prize from Amber the Witch’s magical prize bag. The best childrens entertainers London will don their pointy hat and swoop in looking fantastic. We can provide a stress-free solution to your party with this Amber the Witch party childrens themed entertainment. It’s kids entertainment in London that will bring a spooky and exciting atmosphere, it will give your childrens party entertainment impact and it’s sure to be remembered. Amber the witch can enchant and entertain the kids with her wonderful party games for one, two of three hours to suit your needs. Games played will vary depending on the length of the party you book. Amber the Witch can cackle her way to any Central London or Greater London location. If Amber will be riding her broom to a venue outside the M25 there will be a charge of 40p per mile from and back to the m25.So get in a spooky mood, wave your wand and book your Amber the Witch Party now!

Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
1 Hour £80 £80 £160
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
2 Hour £80 £110 £190
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 Hour £80 £190 £270

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Deposit Required

1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour

9 reviews for The Amber Witch Party

  1. 5
    H T Siddiqui

    We had this theme for our 10 yr old daughter’s birthday party. As my daughter is crazy about Harry Potter & similar things. She & he friends absolutely loved every bit of it. The entertainer “Jasmine” was very welcoming, friendly & engaging. As 10-12 yr olds are very hard to please but astonishingly they all loved her & were all pumped up with excitement with her. I would definitely recommend this company & theme to all of my friends & family. Company also has been really helpful & patient with us as we had so many date issues with the booking. But they patiently held the date for us & very comfortably accommodate our date within their schedule.

  2. 5
    Lauren Palmer

    The Amber Witch was amazing. Everyone was captivated including the parents. She was full of energy. So many people have come me to say how good was the entertainment. Thank you Brilliant Birthdays!

  3. 5
    Maya Urtel

    My daughter had her birthday party recently and loved it! Jasmine was amazing as the Amber Witch and many mums commented on her lovely manner with the kids and energy levels. Thank you !

  4. 5
    Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for incredible party for my daughter! Many Thanks!

  5. 5
    Jasmine Coleman

    A huge thanks to Brilliant Birthdays for providing an outstanding 7th birthday party for my daughter and his best friend! They had an absolute blast! Highly recommend and will definitely book again!

  6. 5
    Kate Bourn

    Wooow , we had a lovely witch in the house.. It was amazing party, children had a lots of fun and adults too.. Massive THANK YOU!

  7. 5
    Helen Cameron

    My 6 year old and her 20 guests had a great time on Hallooween day. The service was excellent and our entertainer was very engaging for all the children. Kids and parents were all impressed. I will definitely get in touch again with Brilliant Birthdays in the future and recommend it to all my friends and family!

  8. 5
    Irfah Karbouch

    Our kids entertainer was a great party leader. Children loved all the games. she was generally very kind and organised. We really enjoyed it. Thank you Brilliant Birthdays!

  9. Ian Franks

    Our witch was absolutely ACE! She had bucket loads of character and brought smiles to all the faces of our guests, we cannot thank you enough brilliant birthdays!

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