A Quick checklist for Busy Mums for their Child’s Big Day

Is it your child’s birthday party? Or are you celebrating Christmas? Whatever reason you are seeking to throw a party for your child, the preparation task list can be long and tedious. But please don’t get overwhelmed with the thought, we don’t mean to scare you. We took the weight off your shoulders and curated a checklist to ease your party planning.

Check 1: Time and Location

Have you picked up the time and location yet? No? No worries, we will help you out. When sending invites, keep everyone’s working hours/school in mind. This gives them a window to go home, change, and get ready for the event. The location should be feasible for everyone to arrive on time and without hassle.

Check 2: Pick a party theme

You cannot miss that one. Listen to your child’s opinion when picking a theme. Know what your child wants the party to look like. Give your input only when he asks for it or is confused. If you want to keep it a surprise, take notice of his favorite cartoon character or action hero. Not sure about that? Don’t worry; the best option is to hire clown entertainers for the children’s party.

Check 3: Guest List

Is your guest list ready? Decide how many guests you want to attend your child’s party. Keep the location in mind; you don’t want to suffocate the place by sending too many invites. Talk to the location manager. If the party is in your back garden or home, think whether the place could accommodate all the children invited. Put your child’s friends first in the list then come to adults. After all, the sole aim is for your child to have fun on his special day.

Check 4: Buy Party supplies

Get ready for some footwork. Besides party supplies like balloons, decoration, and party favors, you will need delicious delights on the table. Explore in advance what is on offer around you. You’ll be surprised to see how many affordable options are out there. If it’s your child’s birthday maybe ask a local bakery to design a cake that matches the theme. Or buy a shop bought pre designed one that can be a great affordable alternative.

Check 5: Have Fun

Though we put it last, this is the most important. In the hurry of preparation, don’t forget to have fun and celebrate your little one’s big day.

Organizing a party is not complicated, but this checklist we hope will help out all busy mums.

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