3 Cute Face Painting Ideas For Kids For Their Next Party

Artistic creations in any form are undoubtedly a big hit among children. Face painting is another such activity this is both fun and creative. This is exactly why a lot of events that happen today have a face painter to keep kids entertained. Children feel overjoyed when getting their favorite designs painted on their face! If you’re planning to organize a party, it is a brilliant thought to get face painters on board. Here’s a list of three interesting ideas that are sure to go down well during your next kids’ face painting party.

    1. Cat Face

      The quickest and one of the most alluring ones is a cat face painting. Any little girl would love to go meowing around in her new avatar, given to her by the face painter you hired. Make sure it’s no ordinary one, though. Ask your painter to add some uniqueness to it, to make it stand out.

    2. Superhero Face

      There is no child that would refuse to get superhero face paint. From Spiderman to Aquaman, there are so many to choose from! Let your little boy go super energetic with his new superhero face!

    3. Disney Princess

      Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess one day. Give them the feel of being one for a day by letting them have Frozen themed painting done to her face, adorned with glitter to give an eye-catching snowflake effect.

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