Space Bubble Performer


TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price

Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
1 Hour £100 £100 £200
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
2 x 45 Mins £100 £125 £225
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 x 45 Mins £100 £150 £250
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 x 1hr £100 £175 £275
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
4 x 1hr £100 £225 £325

Covid-Safe Space Bubble Performer 

With over 88 different characters/themes to choose from, our Covid-Safe Captivating Bubble Performers are in demand. Entertaining at both indoor and outdoor events (weather permitting). Including but not limited to; Corporate Events, Product Launches, Festivals, Parades, Summer Fetes, School Event’s, Sports Days, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Religious Ceremonies.

What you can expect from a Space Themed Bubble Performer

All our Space Bubble Performers are seasoned professionals with an exceptional track record of 100% 5-star-rated feedback from our clients!

Our Bubbleologist will be dressed as Space and remain in character throughout a mesmerising and magical bubble extravaganza! Delighting your guests with Giant Bubbles, Sword Bubbles, Catchable Bubbles, Net Bubble Explosion, Mini Bubble Madness.  Our Batwoman Lookalike Bubble Performer is highly interactive and approachable and will add the wow factor to any event.

What you need to know

🔵 Your bubble performer will uphold social distancing and wear PPE

◯ We offer Bubble Performer cover as standard so you never need to worry about your Bubble Performer  becoming ill

🔵 We hold full public liability insurance

◯  We are members of Equity The Actors Union

🔵 Risk assessments are available upon request

◯ We are a Covid-Secure Company

🔵 All bubble fluid is child safe

◯ We only have 5 Star Reviews on Facebook click here to view these

🔵 We provide only the best professionally trained skilled Bubble Performers in the industry.

◯ Bubble fluid C.O.S.H.H assessment form available up request (Bubble fluid ingredients)

Our Requirements

🔵 Minimum performance area 3 X 3 meters

◯ A suitable private space for your Bubble Performer to change in and out of costume and to take breaks (If booking more than one hour).

If you would like to discuss your event needs please call our party planners today on 07824516586 or to receive a full bespoke quote for your event via email please fill out all your requirements HERE!

At Brilliant Birthday’s we we are enormously proud of our Professional Bubble Performers because they deliver a wonderful magical experience at every event. Although don’t take our word for it, please check out our 350+ Reviews on Google by clicking HERE.


Deposit Required

1hour, 2-x-45min, 3-x-45min, 3hour, 4hour

1 review for Space Bubble Performer

  1. 5

    We had Adrian as a Spaceman Bubble performer for our son’s 4-year birthday party, and he was really great! Very nice person and excellent with the kids. I was also impressed that he was there spot on time despite a long journey and a storm. Can only recommend.

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