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Princess Merida is not your average princess, she seeks out adventure and is most certainly a brave young woman!  With her wild red hair and bow and arrows to hand she will make sure your more adventurous princesses are catered for.  Along with a multitude of high energy games, Merida will even grant your princess the chance to pose with her bow for photos.  Our Childrens Entertainers London are about to cast a spell to change your fate with our fearless Princess Merida Lookalike childrens themed party entertainment! Your destiny of having amazing childrens themed party entertainment awaits at a 1, 2, or 3 hour party from our Childrens Entertainers London! One of our Princess Merida kids party entertainers is on their way to provide a show-stopping range of activities for a maximum of 30 kids that will vary depending on your party length! If some brilliant childrens themed party entertainment, that is suitable for both boys and girls, will be taking place inside the M25, we are very pleased to say that there will be no travel charge! If one of our Princess Merida Lookalike kids party entertainers will be riding to a destination outside the M25, there will be a travel charge of just 40p per mile, from and back to the M25! So let our Childrens Entertainers London “Be Brave” on your special day, you’ll be sure to ride off into the sunset after one of our Princess Merida Lookalike kids party entertainers casts away your fears and provides some amazing childrens themed party entertainment!

Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
1 Hour £80 £80 £160
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
2 Hour £80 £110 £190
Time Deposit Final Balance Overall Price
3 Hour £80 £190 £270

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1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour

20 reviews for Princess Merida Lookalike Party

  1. 5

    To Claire the owner- Thank you again for your professionalism and for being able to accommodate our event on such short notice. Children and adults were amazed by our entertainer. She was Great and one-of-a-kind. Brilliant Birthdays is a great company to book. I had you come out to my daughter 6th Birthday party and it was absolutely AMAZING !!! Starting from booking until party time. Very easy to book and reliable. Will definitely book again and recommend to others. THANK YOU !

  2. 5
    Rebecca Sanchez

    Really satisfied! We had the pleasure to have Princess Merida coming over as she was super fantastic!!!! It would be for sure a next time with Brilliant Birthdays!!! Thank you!!!

  3. 5
    Susan Slavich

    We have been using Brilliant Birthdays for a few years now and we are always so amazed and entertained. We had Princess Merida last weekend and she was so talented. I highly recommend Brilliant Birthdays and we will be using your service again next year. Many Thanks!

  4. 5
    Maria Hammond

    I booked Princess Merida and she was just fantastic! I could not recommend this company enough! They were easily contactable and very reassuring in the run up to the party when I had questions. The entertainer even called me the thursday before the party to reconfirm the booking and introduce herself ! All in all a very good experience, I will definately be in touch next year!

  5. 5
    Ruth Walton

    Excellent Merida Entertainer! Would highly recommend.

  6. 5
    Jenny Hobbs

    Princess Merida arrived early and set up with time to spare so she was ready to meet all the children as they arrived! We felt that the party was excellent value for money and we would recommend Brilliant Birthdays to other families looking for a great level of professionalism. Finding them online was lucky!!

  7. 5
    Caroline Mechika

    Princess Merida Lookalike Party was great choice! My daughter is a tiny little Tomboy so this was a perfect princess for her! All the best in the future Brilliant Birthdays and see you again next year! THANK YOU!

  8. 5
    Zara Waters

    Merida was so much fun and the kids really took to her straight away! I would like to award you guys 5 Stars as you really do deserve it!

  9. 5
    Magda Bocchi

    We hired Princess Merida and she was fabulous. Children had a terrific time. Everyone asked for the entertainer details! I am sure we will contact you soon enough! Magda, london

  10. 5
    Rose Camarillo

    The best children’s entertainment company in  London for sure! Very professional and reliable! Thank you Brilliant Birthdays for all the events you did for me and my family!

  11. 5
    Sarah Phillips

    Was a lovely afternoon with princess Merida – my daughter absolutely loved it!!! Thank you so much!!

  12. 5
    Susan Hegarty

    Thanks for an amazing party with our princess Merida.She was such a fantastic princess. Everyone had a lots of fun. My daughter loved all the games especially pass the parcel of course. The prices were really nice. THANK YOU!

  13. 5
    Jennie Mercer

    Our Merida entertainer was great!!! She got there early to set up e put the music on.The children and I had a lot of fun!!! Since my party wasn’t a children party she did some activities were children and adults could join together.It was great!! Thank you very much Brilliant Birthdays!!!

  14. 5
    Sumana Hau

    I would recommend Brilliant Birthdays to everyone, I had Princess Merida Themed party for my daughter 6th birthday this weekend, about 30 children, and they all had so much fun !

  15. 5
    Tina Simmons

    Excellent service i got…my daughter had fun and best say of her life ! Thank you for the brilliant entertainment!

  16. 5
    Prya Sherren

    Thank you so much! It was nice to have a strong characterful princess host the party! She brought buckets of energy and was exactly what we where hoping for!

  17. Susan Brinne

    Thank you so much Brilliant Birthdays! You made my daughters Birthday so Special and the Merida was great at becoming the character she was very watchable not only did my daughters friends have fun but all the parents did too! x

  18. Sadie Phillips

    We couldn’t have asked for more as our princess Merida was a real star! She was characterful and fun and a refreshing change from the more traditional princess! My daughter could not stop talking about Princess Merida for the whole day!

  19. Charlotte Falcon

    When I phoned for advise on what princess to book for a wild boisterous group the party planner advised princess Merida who was the perfect choice and it was great for the children to see someone heroic as well us fun! Great choice/costume/games list – Thank You Brilliant Birthdays!

  20. Rinatta Herouart

    Thank you so much brilliant birthdays for sending us the best Merida in all of Scotland!
    She was so amazing and we were very impressed by her energy! You really made the day special 🙂

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