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    1 Hour£80£80£160
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    2 Hour£80£110£190
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    3 Hour£80£190£270

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    Gorgeous Georgian History Party 

    A Gorgeous Georgian History Party is perfect for little history lovers or fans of Horrible Histories. Our Gorgeous Georgian provides a fun, exciting and educational party experience and you will wish you could go BACK IN TIME to experience it all over again!  

    Gorgeous Georgian History Party Prices:

    1 hour = £160.00   2 hours = £190.00     3 hours = £270.00

    (No VAT to pay)  

    For all the details and a full party plan get in contact here.

    A 1-Hour Gorgeous Georgian History includes the following fun and games: 

    *Cannon Ball Collecting Ice Breaker

    * A Long Time Ago Limbo Competition

    *Victorious Viking Shield Making Competition

    *Horrible Histories Quiz

    *Putrid Pirate Gold Hunt 

    *Enchanting Bubble Fun 

    *Magical Parachute Games

    A 2-Hour Gorgeous Georgian History Party (for only an extra £30.00) includes the EXTRA fun and games: 

    🐀 Balloon model RAT HUNT! While The party guests are tucking into the delicious birthday feast your Gorgeous Georgian will make a balloon modelled rat for each party guest. They will then hide the balloon rats all around the party venue giving each child an opportunity to find one and take it home at the end of the party.

    🤪 Egyptian Mummy Madness Game! The party guests will be split into teams and using toilet paper “wrap up the Egyptian mummy”. We may ask some adults or older children to step in as “mummy models”. A fun and fantastic teamwork game! 

    🎉And more fun games and dancing!!

    A 3-Hour Gorgeous Georgian History Party includes the following ADDED BONUS:

    🎨 Mini Face Paint applied onto the cheek of each party guest! (🍃We use non-toxic Water based Face Paint that is easily removed after the party)

    When all the children feast on some delicious birthday cake in the last hour of the party your Gorgeous Georgian Entertainer will transform each party guest with a colourful mini face paint in the theme of Horrible Histories.

    Our professional party entertainers have the magical skills to keep the party guests engaged right from the very start to the very end! Therefore when you book a 3hr party, you as the parents get to enjoy taking in the special occasion and leave the entertainment to us!

    Brilliant Birthday’s has years of experience in providing children’s party entertainment and all our parties include the following special touches:

    Themed Party Music! 

    Your Entertainer will arrive fully equipped with everything they need to deliver a Brilliant Birthdays party plan. So that all the party guests will be able to hear the entertainer and the themed music loud and clear, Your entertainer will bring a small portable sound system and a professional headset microphone.

    Sticker Prizes! 

    Every party guest will get the opportunity to win a Brilliant birthday’s Winner sticker throughout the games and competitions or by impressing the Gorgeous Georgian with fun history facts or jester jokes. 

    Happy Birthday Singalong with the cake! (Cake provided by yourself)

    Your entertainer will create a special atmosphere for the big moment when the cake comes out!

    A Brilliant Birthdays Balloon or Balloon Modelled Rat!

    For each child to take home because no one leaves a Brilliant Birthday empty handed.

    It is easy to book a Gorgeous Georgian History Party booking with Brilliant Birthdays. So Please click here and follow the simple steps!

    We are enormously proud of our Professional Children’s Party Entertainers because they deliver a wonderful party experience at every event. Although don’t take our word for it, please check out our 350+ Reviews on Google by clicking Here.

    Alternatively, you can “Like” the Brilliant Birthdays Facebook Page and view our wonderful posts, reviews and photographs.

    For Children’s Party Entertainment you can rely on PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PARTY DETAILS HERE and let us do the rest!

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    25 reviews for Gorgeous Georgian History Party

    1. 5
      King Family

      Our two entertainers kept thirty children enthralled and active for the whole of our two-hour party. My daughter was turning six. The youngest guest was two years old; the oldest was eleven. My daughter wanted a Horrible Histories party, with My Little Pony and pirate themes thrown in for good measure. I can’t believe it worked, but it did! These entertainers are really wonderful. Even the staff at the venue said afterward that they were much, much better than other party entertainers they’d seen. Thank you so much!!

    2. 5
      Rachael Leedham

      After a very long search for a children’s party entertainer who did ‘Horrible Histories’ parties I finally stumbled upon Brilliant Birthdays website. Thank goodness
      James was FANTASTIC as a Putrid Pirate. My son, a 7 year old Horrible Histories fanatic was thrilled with his party. From the Horrible Histories music to the glitter tattoos, to the gruesome quiz games (I think even the parents learnt a thing or two!!!) James held the kids attention perfectly. It certainly was a party with a difference
      The pass the parcel parents were really good quality too!
      I would highly recommend Brilliant Birthdays (and the lovely James) to anyone. They made our party a great success.

    3. 5
      Ruth Jaksic

      Our daughter wanted a Horrible Histories birthday party and Brilliant Birthdays seemed to be by far the best prepared so we booked Laura (the Gorgeous Georgian) for this last weekend. We could not have been more delighted. I was worried that some of the children (7-8 going on 18) would be too old for the party games but Laura engaged, interested, amused, entertained even educated them all from beginning to end. She really is a natural. Several mums have said it was the best party they have been to …EVER. We have spent similar amounts on entertainers in the past who have been far less prepared, had no costumes, failed to really interest the children and offered no or rubbish prizes. Laura’s games were well focused around the theme, the music and prizes were completely age appropriate and, most importantly, our daughter was aboslutely delighted! I WHOLEHEARTED recommend Brilliant Birthdays and Laura in particular. Thank you!

    4. 5
      Chris Bass

      Gary came as a splendid pirate to lead a large group of lively 6 year olds in a merry afternoon of swashbuckling fun. The theme was also Horrible Histories and the children loved the quiz, pinning the tail on Rattus, picture clues and a bit of gagnam style dancing! Gary was outstanding; really well-organised, inventive and equipped with a wealth of games, prizes and party ideas that kept all the children enthralled and active. A thoroughly brilliant birthday! Many thanks, Paul and family.

    5. 5
      Sam Acott

      I have hired Brilliant Birthdays many times and I have to say I am never disappointed with you! The entertainers are always so engaging and the children love them. I am so glad you exist! Thank you for Horrible Histories the last time .. it was BRILLIANT as always!!! THANK YOU!

    6. 5
      Sophia Sanderson

      Excellent 2hrs of fun my daughter had a fabulous time with your Gorgeous Georgian entertainer! Money well spent! Thank You Brilliant Birthdays for making it a super special day!

    7. 5
      Claire Roberts

      Gorgeous Georgian History Party last weekend was amazing ! Everyone had so much fun with our Gorgeous Georgian! Adults did quiz together with the children and it was hilarious! Thank You Brilliant Birthdays!

    8. 5
      Serena Abraham

      We booked 2hr Gorgeous Georgian History Party and it was so much fun! Well done for the costume ! Looks very realistic!

    9. 5
      Eileen Henning

      Thank you Brilliant Birthdays for our Gorgeous Georgian Party! It was so much fun! My daughter loved it!

    10. 5
      Hanna Maliszewski

      Our Horrible History entertainer was simply brilliant and kept the children laughing and totally engrossed from start to finish. Parents seemed to love it too and were very impressed. Thank You Brilliant Birthdays!

    11. 5
      Deborah Samuel

      Brilliant Birthdays did an amazing job at the party on Saturday. Amy kept 25 kids happy for 2 hours! Wow – how does she do it? We’re very impressed. We’d have no hesitation in recommending you or booking you again. A very professional service all round. Thanks very much to all involved.

    12. 5
      Judita Rimkuviene

      Great children’s party entertainer came along and made our party brilliant! Thank you Brilliant Birthdays!

    13. 5
      Kim Reinharter

      Dear Brilliant Birthdays, Thank you for the Horrible History Party, it was brilliant indeed! Everyone loved the costume of the entertainer but the party plan as well. Many thanks and we are looking forward seeing you again next year.

    14. 5
      Davina Wade

      Thank you Claire for entertaining 22 five and six year olds so wonderfully. They were engaged for the whole 2 hours and loved joining in. My daughter loved her party and says it’s the best she’s ever been to! High praise indeed!! Thank you!

    15. 5
      Adriana Contaldo

      Wicked entertainment ! Kids loved every second of it! Very educational as well! Thank you for brilliant children entertainment provided 🙂

    16. 5
      Maria Correa

      The entertainer kept kids busy and having fun for the entire 2 hour party. My little girl loved her party and can’t stop talking about it! Thanks Claire and your team for the smashing entertainment!

    17. 5
      Christina Simone

      Thank you for an AMAZING party last Sunday ! Gorgeous Georgian was simply Gorgeous! She managed to keep all the children entertained for full 2hr! Brilliant!

    18. 5
      Bianca Keating

      My daughters 7th Birthday party was on Saturday 14th April. The entertainer was amazing! the outfit she wore was great and she entertained 16 children boys and girls aged 5-9. I would highly recommend brilliant birthdays and would use them again. Thanks so much!

    19. 5
      Karen Schechter

      Our entertainer, Christina, was superb from start to finish. She worked so hard and made the best use of the small space we were in. The theme was chose was interwoven into all the elements of the party – from music to games, quizzes and games. Very impressed.

    20. 5

      All the children at our Gorgeous Georgian Party had a fab time! The party was very well themed and for my son who LOVES horrible histories this was perfect for him. The whole process of booking was very stress free which also helps! Thank you!

    21. Sherren Marie

      Our entertainer did such a fab job of capturing the spirit of horrible histories! My son loves horrible histories so he was so pleased that all the games where theme appropriate! Thank you so much for giving us such a brilliant day!

    22. Anna Clara

      We had Brilliant Birthdays last year and they absolutely didn’t disappoint this year! This theme was really well tailored and it kept everyone happy for the duration!

    23. Emily Armistead

      Great service – our Entertainer was brilliant and kept kids of different ages entertained!

    24. Prianka

      Our son absolutely loves Horrible Histories and this party option was brilliant for all our guests!
      The balloons where an absolute hit and the children where playing laughing and learning throughout!

    25. 5

      This party was tremendous fun! We all loved the rattus hunt and every guest had a balloon rat to take home and play with throughout the party!
      Great costume and top quality entertainment for children! Excellent company – I recommend them!

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