Amber Witch Duo Party



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    1 Hour£160£160£320
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    2 Hour£160£220£380
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    3 Hour£160£380£540

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    Amber Witch Duo Party

    For an Amber Witch Duo Party get your pointy hats on, jump on your broom stick and throw another toad in the cauldron! A Halloween extravaganza for up to 50 guests needs some magical enchanting witches to lead the party  games, contests and dancing! Depending how long you book for parties can also includes crafts, glitter tattoos and mini face paints. Depending how long you book for, parties can also includes Crafts, Glitter Tattoos and Mini Face Paints. Let us take your Halloween to the next level with professional party entertainment! Read on to find out more..

    Take a look at our unbeatable Amber Witch Duo Party Prices:

    1 hour = £320.00   2 hours = £380.00     3 hours = £540.00

    (No VAT to pay) 

    For all the details and a full party plan please get in contact here.

    When you book a 1-Hour Amber Witch Duo Party you can expect the following fun and games:

    *Eyeball Collecting Icebreaker Competition

    *Time Warp Popom Dance Along

    *Limbo Under The Witches Broomstick

    *Spellbinding Scarf Dance Along

    *Atmospheric Bubble Fun

    *Spooks & Ghouls Musical Statues

    *Thriller Musical Maraca Dance Along

    *Mystical Parachute Fun

    A 2-Hour Amber Witch Duo Party (for only an extra £60.00) includes the EXTRA fun and games:

    ✨🎃🦇✨ Glitter Tattoos for each party guest!✨🎃🦇✨

    🍃 Our Glitter is Eco-friendly & Biodegradable. We use non-toxic water-based child-safe glue). During the Halloween Feast your party entertainers will decorate every party guest with a fun Halloween themed glitter tattoo.

    🌈 🎃🦇🌈 A Crafty Colouring Contest! 🌈 🎃🦇🌈

    Put your crafty skills to the test and colour in the Brilliant Birthdays Halloween Scene. Your entertainers will choose a winner and award them with a Brilliant Birthdays WINNER sticker! This is a great activity after the Halloween Feast to let the food go down and a moment of calm before the fun and games start again.

    A 3-Hour Amber Witch Duo Party includes the following ADDED BONUS:

    🎨🎃🦇🎨  Mini Face Paints! Applied onto the cheek of each party guest! 🎨🎃🦇🎨

    🍃 We use non-toxic Water based Face Paint that is easily removed after the party. When all the children feast on some delicious birthday cake in the last hour of the party your party entertainers will transform each party guest with a vibrant halloween themed mini face paint.

    Our professional party entertainers have the magical skills to keep the party guests engaged right from the very start to the very end! Therefore when you book a 3hr party, you as the parents get to enjoy taking in the special occasion and leave all the entertainment to us!

    Brilliant Birthday’s has years of experience in providing children’s party entertainment and all our parties include the following special touches:

    🎵 Themed Party Music!

    Your Entertainers will arrive fully equipped with everything they need to deliver a Brilliant Birthdays party plan. With professional headset microphones and a portable sound system all the party guests will be able to hear the entertainers and the halloween themed music loud and clear.

    🏆 Sticker Prizes!

    Every party guest will get the opportunity to win a Brilliant Birthdays Halloween Winner sticker! Our stickers are completely unique and designed by our very own talented entertainers! Kids just loves a stickers and these Brilliant Birthdays stickers are a Halloween badge of honor!

    📸 Photo shoot!

    Your entertainers will be happy to pose for photos with the party guests so that you can remember the special day forever!

    🎈A Brilliant Birthdays Balloon!

    For each child to take home because no one leaves a Brilliant Birthday empty handed.

    It is easy to book a Amber Witch Duo Party with Brilliant Birthdays. So Please CLICK HERE and follow the simple steps!

    We are enormously proud of our Professional Children’s Party Entertainers because they deliver a wonderful party experience at every event. Although don’t take our word for it, please check out our 350+ Reviews on Google by clicking Here.

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    1. Sharron Paul

      Our Amber Witches where just excellent! They really bounced off each other and where making the children laugh for the entire time! Exactly what we’d hoped for x

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