Brilliant Face Painting Ideas for Theme Parties

There is no doubt kids love themed parties but you don’t necessarily require a high energy programme of games for children at your event to have a great time! A Face-painting party is a great way to use art and imagination to create a sense of fun! Here are some of the characters your child could opt to dress up as and face painters would add to their look with their colours:

Frozen Princess 

You can easily capture the fabulous Frozen aesthetic by et your girl dress up like Princess Elsa or Anna and dance to the tune of ‘Let It Go’! All you need is a blue dress and some jewellery that adds sparkle! Ask your Face Painter to add frost themed make-up along with gems and jewels to make your child sparkle!


For the ultimate splash of colour how about opting for the ever popular Dinosaur Theme! If you dress your child all in green – your Face painting professional can simply add the Green colouring and scales to the face!


Cinderella is a fond favourite from a time long ago, but children still love to adopt her look! Let your girl be a princess with Blue dress and a crown on her head. Face painters will add sparkles and stars to her face with colours of her choosing!


If your child is fascinated about animals, let them become their favourite one! If you have clothes of Orange your Face Painter can add a striped Face to complete a Tiger Look! If you have Pink Clothes and Feather Bower, pink paint and yellow for the beak will create a fabulous Flamingo Attire! If you have Blue Party Clothes – Many different styles of Face Paint can create an Under-sea Look!


It is always good fun when you have an excuse to wear the wackiest clothing combination in your wardrobe! The more colourful the better when it comes to creating the look of the Clown and Face Painters will add beautiful colours and a big trade-mark smile to complete the look!

Whatever be the occasion or Event Brilliant Birthdays will be able to deliver. Not only they transform your child into his or her dream character but also ensure to use high-quality and skin-friendly cosmetic glitters and paints.

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