6 ways to make your kids birthday special

let’s create an unforgettable experience your little one will cherish forever. Kids are always looking forward to memorable birthday moments with exciting games, scrumptious cakes, and of course the bouncy balloons making the headlines. While every kid on the block is expecting yet another backyard bouncy house and magic show, you can spice up your little munchkin’s birthday with these exciting “birthday twists’ we have in store for you!

  • A gift scavenger hunt-

Let’s put some thrill in gift-hunting this year. You can hide the gifts brought by other kids and have your kid go through a scavenger hunt for them round the party venue or simply hide sweets and other prizes to be found!

  • A visit from the balloon modeller-

Who doesn’t like balloon animals and Hats! For whatever your chosen theme is there will be fabulous balloon designs available to enhance your event! Especially with Balloon-Hats for every child you can really fill the space with colour! Get in touch with the best party balloon modeller in London and we can create a refreshing touch for your Birthday Party or Event.

  • A costume party

Balloon modelling entertainers in London have everything you need to create a fun-filled evening of costume parties and balloon animals. It can be a ball gown with a balloon poodle, or a Jungle Ranger with a balloon giraffe, let’s step up the costume party to a whole new level!

  • A “celebrity” visit

We are talking Tinkerbell look-alike and the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow costume. Brilliant Birthday planners have 5-Star Entertainers that can dress up as your kid’s favourite movie or cartoon character and surprise them with a grand visit!

  • Paint a card

Kids love drawing and using their imaginations to create fantastic designs from scratch! Instead of a store-bought card, you can have all the friends of Birthday Child, draw a birthday card for your little one. Trust us, the emotion behind those scribbled drawings would be much closer to heart than the store-bought ones.

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