4 Games That You Can Include In A Clown-Themed Birthday Party

The day for which your child was waiting for all year is just here. As your child’s birthday around the corner, all you can think about is hosting an amazing birthday party. The first thing that you should do is to decide the theme of the party.

Clown-themed parties have caught up as a popular party trend today. The entertainers perform fun acts and play a lot of games which children love. You can know about clowns and children’s party entertainers in London, through surfing our website.

You would agree that no party is complete without fun and games. So, here are a few games which you can include in a clown-themed party.

Clown Juggling

  • Your Brilliant Birthdays Clumsy Clown Entertainer will bring 30 bright colourful scarfs to your Clown Party and set to work teaching children of all ages to Juggle
  • This is a great fun learning experience and one that your children will enjoy with our Clumsy Clown Entertainer

Clown Pass The Parcel

  • Your entertainer will bring a Pass The Parcel with seven prizes inside to play the game
  • Don’t worry all children will “win” a prize if not from the Pass The Parcel then the children will “win” one of the other games that your Clumsy Clown will have prepared

Clown Pom Pom Dancing

  • Follow along with our Clown to the music shaking Pom Poms and having a jolly great time! Who can dance like our Clumsy Clown?

Giant Bubble Clown Fun

  • The birthday party of your child will become magical as the Clumsy Clown creates amazing beautiful Giant Bubbles for all the children to admire and pop.
  • The music plays in the background and the children are invited to watch our Clown create amazing Bubbles fun for the adults as well as the children .

Well, you can have all these games and fun activities at your kid’s birthday party. If you wish to hire clowns and children’s party entertainers, initiate contact with our professionals today.

At Brilliant Birthdays, we are committed to making each birthday party the best. Browse through our website to know more about different party themes.

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