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    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    1 Hour£45£50£95
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    1.5 Hour£45£60£105
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    2 Hour£45£70£115
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    2.5 Hour£45£80£125
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    3 Hour£45£90£135
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    3.5 Hour£45£100£145
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    4 Hour£45£110£155
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    4.5 Hour£45£120£165
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    5 Hour£55£135£190
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    5.5 Hour£55£145£200
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    6 Hour£55£155£210
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    6.5 Hour£55£165£220
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    7 Hour£55£175£230
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    7.5 Hour£55£185£240
    TimeDepositFinal BalanceOverall Price
    8 Hour£55£190£250

    Brilliant Birthdays have an excellent creative team of Face Painters in the London area ready to bring their talent and sparkle to your event. We have provided Face Painters for Childrens Parties, Barmitzvas, Christenings, Family Fun Days, Fetes, Weddings, Batmitzva’s, Corporate Launches, Product Launches, Halloween Parties, Shopping Centres, Festive Fun Days infact most events you can think of! With excellent standards of Hygiene and Customer Care you can be sure your Children will have a great experience being painted by one of the Brilliant Birthdays Team. All Face Painting Artists are trained to the highest standards and are able to create any face requested! Some of our Face Painters have worked in Film and Television on special effects MakeUp so if you are also looking for something a little different for Halloween you have come to the right place!

    All products used are Child Friendly and the highest quality only Cosmetic Grade Glitters are used. We do request that you consider when booking a Brilliant Birthdays Face Painter that you will need a minimum of one hour per 15 children. So for a party of 30 Children you will need a Face Painter for a very Minimum of two hours. 

    Our Face Painters will need a set up period of 30 Minutes before Painting starts to organise their kit. Please ensure when booking that access to your venue 30mins in advance of Painting time is possible! 

    Children must have permission to be painted and accompanied by an adult and will remain
    the responsibility of the parent, guardian or host of the event.

    For the safety of our customers we regret we will not paint anyone who in the opinion of
    the face painter, appears to be suffering from:

    – Cold sores
    – Conjunctivitis
    – Chicken pox or any other infectious skin complaints
    – Open cuts, wounds and scabs
    – Eczema or psoriasis
    – Severe allergy (e.g. nut allergy)

    We are unable to paint over any cuts, scrapes or grazes to avoid the risk of cross infection.
    Neither can we paint over any sores, spots or broken skin. Although not contagious, eczema
    and psoriasis can often become irritated by face paint.

    Some individuals, particularly children and those with sensitive skin, will occasionally
    develop an allergy to the face paint. Although this is incredibly rare, if you feel you or your
    child may be susceptible, please discuss this with the face painter before painting. It is
    always possible to do a patch test or motif on the hand to be on the safe side.
    The products we use are not recommended for use on very young children, therefore we
    will not paint any design on any child under the age of 2. Children aged 2 can have a small
    cheek or hand motif.

    We want everyone, young and old to enjoy our entertainment. Therefore, for the well-being
    of all customers, we reserve the right to stop painting any person who becomes distressed
    or unsettled.

    We will not paint signs or symbols or other designs that could be deemed offensive in any

    Water based make up can be removed easily with soap or baby shampoo and plenty of
    warm water. Some colours may temporarily stain the skin slightly if the skin is dry. Normal
    baby lotion after washing may help to remove this.

    Clothes that have been in contact with face paint should be soaked in cold water before
    washing normally.

    To avoid cross-contamination:

    – A clean sponge is used per person
    – All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between events
    – Brush water is changed regularly

    If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please let us know!

    We do get booked up way in advance for Face Painters as we are in demand so please book in nice and early with us to avoid disappointment!

    Deposit Required

    1-hour, 1hour-30min, 2-hour, 2-hour-30min, 3-hour, 3-hour-30min, 4-hour, 4-hour-30min, 5-hour, 5-hour-30min, 6-hour, 6-hour-30min, 7-hour, 7-hour-30min, 8-hour

    6 reviews for Fantastic Face Painters

    1. 5
      Marina Ebrubah

      Excellent service from start to finish. Claire who took our initial booking was extremely accommodating. Responses, follow-ups and confirmations were prompt.

      Sarah Jane our Queen Elsa entertainer called us a couple of days before the party to run through the arrangements which was really helpful. She was brilliant on the day with both the children and adults. Professional, engaging, flexible with the arrangements and the kids had a blast.

      Tony our face painter was amazing! The queue never stopped and the kids loved his designs. Truly impressive and again warm and friendly with the adults too.

      We booked a Minnie Mouse mascot to meet and greet the children as a last minute decision. Laura came as Minnie and was a fabulous surprise for the kids. Seeing their faces light up was brilliant. Laura was great fun, dancing with the kids and took loads of photos.

    2. 5
      Diane Eyler

      Best prices and tons of creative designs to choose from!!! Thank you Brilliant Birthdays for providing such a professional Face Painting for our daughter’s party!

    3. 5
      Michael Mcevoy

      I used 10 performers from Brilliant Birthdays at a recent corporate event for 800 people (circus themed) and they were amazing. Claire managed everything brilliantly and was flexible working with us to ensure everything went smoothly and to plan. She arrived early on the night to co-ordinate and went above and beyond, offering to do my makeup for the night too! I will definitely use Brilliant Birthdays again should the opportunity arise. Claire was enthusiastic about the event in general and a pleasure to be around which helped to make the whole experience a hugely positive one Michael (Softcat plc)

    4. 5
      Lauren Mossley

      Anna was a Wonderful Face Painter sent by Brilliant Birthdays to work on my event. She was great with the public and all the children had a great time being painted. The booking process as fast and easy and I even received a call from the Face Painter the thursday before my event and that really put my mind at ease. On the day she was early and did a really great job. I would recommend. Thank You!

    5. 5
      Mary Crocker

      Our Brilliant Face painter was brilliant indeed! She made an art on children faces! They loved it ! Some of the parents got face painted as well. Many Thanks!

    6. 5
      Carolina Gutierrez

      I hired Claire and her face painting team to face paint for my daughter’s 3rd Birthday this past July 8th. They did an amazing job! Each drawing were super cute and all the kids enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for your service!

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