Entertain Your Child – With Entertainment Experts

Children all over the globe are the trendsetters when it comes to ravishing amazing parties, costumed themed based events & social gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries etc etc. For children it is all about having the coolest gathering around and being the talk of the playground on Monday morning.

Often just inviting your child’s friends and giving him or her presents works out just fine, however doing something extraordinary for each birthday years on year is a time consuming job. But Brilliant Birthdays expert entertainers are offering services you can’t say no to!

With over 20 years of experience, our experts have come together to give you and your children free consultation, ideas and advice with absolutely no hidden cost. Providing the best, children’s themed party entertainers to take it from where you left off, i.e. onto the next level where the kids get entertained like never before. London’s leading children’s themed party entertainers – can lead a party of 30 – 100 children in an imaginative feast of fun.

Various popular theme parties for kids-

1. Alice in Wonderland theme party
2. Ballerina party
3. Barbie lookalike theme party
4. Batman lookalike theme party
5. Black and White Clown party
6. Bollywood Dance party
7. Captain Hook look alike party
8. Charlie the elf party
9. Bunny party
10. Cops and Robbers theme party
11. Iron Man theme party
12. Lego party
13. Jungle ranger theme party
14. Magical mermaid party
15. Minecraft lookalike party
16. Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme party
17. Paddington bear party
18. Pinkie Pony party
19. Scooby Doo lookalike party
20. Star Force Jedi party

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